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A Post-Rhinoplasty Complication: Nasal Abscess And Preseptal Cellulitis [ACH Medical Journal]
ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(3): 158-162 | DOI: 10.5505/achmedj.2023.14633

A Post-Rhinoplasty Complication: Nasal Abscess And Preseptal Cellulitis

Arda Ozdemir1, Nijat Babayev1, Yasemin Aydınlı2, Necip Sefa Özden1, Burak Kaya1
1Ankara University School of Medicine, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
2Şanlıurfa Education and Research Hospital, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries and it may cause serious complications. Although it is a non-sterile operation, infection develops in less than 1% of the cases due to the facial abundant blood flow. Herein, we present a case diagnosed with preseptal cellulitis accompanied with progressive edema and tenderness that developed in the nasal tip and nasal dorsum one week after the rhinoplasty operation. Group A ß hemolytic streptococcus was detected in the abscess culture, and the infection was treated successfully with antibiotics. Vital sequels and complications were prevented by early diagnosis and appropriate antibiotic treatment. The patient was discharged without any complications.

Keywords: Abscess, Complications, Rhinoplasty, Streptococcal Infections

Arda Ozdemir, Nijat Babayev, Yasemin Aydınlı, Necip Sefa Özden, Burak Kaya. A Post-Rhinoplasty Complication: Nasal Abscess And Preseptal Cellulitis. ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(3): 158-162

Corresponding Author: Arda Ozdemir, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English