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Surgical Results Of Chordee Without Hipospadias [ACH Medical Journal]
ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(5): 286-289 | DOI: 10.5505/achmedj.2023.30592

Surgical Results Of Chordee Without Hipospadias

Süleyman Tağcı1, Gökhan Demirtaş2, Bilge Karabulut1, Hüseyin Tuğrul Tiryaki1
1Department of Pediatric Urology, Ankara City Hospital, Children Hospital, Ankara, Turkiye
2Department of Pediatric Urology, Erzurum City Hospital, Erzurum, Turkiye

INTRODUCTION: Congenital penile curvature is an anomaly that often accompanies hypospadias. It is the abnormal curvature of the erected penis without any abnormality in penile chord meatal position without hypospadias and it is a rare condition. We aimed to review our experiences in the light of the literature by presenting our cases of congenital chordee without hypospadias that we operated on in pediatric patients.
METHODS: The data of the patients who were operated in our clinic between January 2020 and June 2022 for congenital chord without hypospadias were analyzed retrospectively. Patients who had previous surgical procedures were excluded from the study.
RESULTS: Seventeen patients were included in the study. The ages of the patients were determined as 23-176 months (median 91.8 months).It was observed that the chordee degree of the patients was between 30-90 degrees.Seven of the 17 patients had chordee after degloving of the penis, that is, they had skin chordee. Heineke-Mikulicz plication was performed in 5 of the remaining ten patients and tunical plication was performed in 3 patients. Two patients with ventral cords underwent corporotomy and ventral grafting in their follow-up.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The vast majority of penile cords without hypospadias can be corrected with simple degloving or plication techniques. No matter what technique we use, the protection of neurovascular structures and the urethral plate should be our main goal. Although penile cordis without hypospadias is rare, we argue that it can be performed in experienced centers with low complication rates and successful results.

Keywords: Chordee without hypospadias, plication, penile curvature

Süleyman Tağcı, Gökhan Demirtaş, Bilge Karabulut, Hüseyin Tuğrul Tiryaki. Surgical Results Of Chordee Without Hipospadias. ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(5): 286-289

Corresponding Author: Süleyman Tağcı, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English