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Determinants of Choosing Family Medicine as a Specialty for Young Doctors [ACH Medical Journal]
ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(2): 51-59 | DOI: 10.5505/achmedj.2023.55265

Determinants of Choosing Family Medicine as a Specialty for Young Doctors

Seyma Handan Akyon1, Tarık Eren Yılmaz2, Adem Ozkara1
1University Of Health Sciences, Ankara City Hospital, Family Medicine Department, Ankara
2University of Health Sciences, Gulhane Training and Research Hospital, Family Medicine

INTRODUCTION: The reasons why family medicine specialists tend to choose this branch show differences in social and academic aspects. In this study, it was aimed to determine the reasons for choosing family medicine as the specialty of family medicine resident doctors and their concerns and fears while choosing their specialty.
METHODS: Our study is a cross-sectional observational study. 275 assistant doctors who started family medicine specialization training in Ankara between 2018-2020and are actively working constitute our study population. The participants were asked to score 0: the most ineffective, 10: the most effective, for the reasons for preferring family medicine consisting of 20 propositions and their concerns while choosing family medicine consisting of 7 propositions.
RESULTS: A total of 130 volunteer participants, who filled out the questionnaire completely, were included in the study. According to the survey results, the most important reasons to select family medicine specialty were; the desire to "spend more time with the family, the environment, and themselves", "less night and weekend shifts" and the desire for a "more easy and comfortable life". On the other hand, the main concerns of family medicine residents when choosing this specialty were "unnecessary rest reports demands" and "unnecessary medication demands" by patients.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: While it was determined that the personal factors of the residents were at the center of the reasons for choosing the family medicine branch, the characteristics and factors related to the discipline were the secondary preference reasons. On the other hand, it is necessary to take measures against alarming situations and develop new policies.

Keywords: Family Medicine, Residency, Medical Specialty, Career choice

Seyma Handan Akyon, Tarık Eren Yılmaz, Adem Ozkara. Determinants of Choosing Family Medicine as a Specialty for Young Doctors. ACH Medical Journal. 2023; 2(2): 51-59

Corresponding Author: Seyma Handan Akyon, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English